This privacy policy only applies to classes run by me personally - Tuesday daytime and Thursday evening classes.  All other classes are run by other organisations which have their own privacy policies.  I do not have access to your personal information as it is held by these organisations and not by me personally.  For any enquiries relating to their privacy policies, please contact the relevant organisation for details. 

When you attend a class run by Carly Faiers, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire prior to your first class.

I request the following information: 

Email Address
Contact Telephone Number
Emergency Contact name and telephone number
There are a number of questions which seek to find out your medical history.

Your email address is used to notify you of any changes to the class schedule or notify you of any class cancellations. In the event of a class being cancelled at short notice, I may use your telephone number to send you a text message to notify you of the cancellation.

From time to time, I will also use your email address to send you details of social events, such as our Christmas Party, or any outings, such as a theatre trip. 

There is a tick box on the questionnaire which requests your permission to use your data for these purposes, and you are under no obligation to tick yes.  However, please note that if you do not give your consent for me to contact you, I cannot notify you of any cancellations and you may find the hall closed when you arrive.  

All my emails contain an Unsubscribe button at the foot of them.  If you do not wish to receive any more emails from me, please click on the button to be removed from my mailing list. 

Emails are sent using Mail Chimp and your email address is only stored on a distribution list within Mail Chimp.  My Mail Chimp account is password protected and I am the only person with that password, and it is not written down anywhere. Mail Chimp do not use my distribution list to contact you.  If you require further details of Mail Chimp's privacy policy, please let me know and I will pass them on to you. 

Your phone number is stored in my mobile phone.  This is protected by a PIN number and fingerprint recognition.  No one else has access to the PIN number to access my phone.  Your emergency contact number is also stored in my phone as a secondary telephone number under your listing.  This will only be used in the event of an serious accident or incident where you are unable to call someone yourself, such as falling unconscious, fainting, etc. 

Your medical history is used to determine whether the class is suitable for you, or whether medical advice is required before you can attend.  It is also used to determine whether I need to offer any modifications to the class to help make it more suitable.  Your medical history may also be used in the event that a legal claim or dispute arises.

Your questionnaire is stored in a folder, in a locked desk drawer.  

Your information is never passed on to a third party. 

You have the right to request a copy of the questionnaire at any time.  Please ask me in person or direct an email to and I will fulfil your request as soon as possible.  

You also have the right to request that your information is destroyed at any time.  Again, please speak with me in person or direct an email to

Your information is stored for the period of time that you are a customer of Zumba with Carly.  

Social Media:

I have a Facebook page, Zumba with Carly 'Faierly Fit' Faiers.  If you choose to like this page or accept an invitation from me to like the page, I will use this page to interact with you, notify you of changes to class schedules, and notify you of social events.  Should you no longer wish to receive information in this way, please unlike the page.  You may also choose to become friends with me on my personal Facebook page, Carly Faiers.  I may use Facebook Messenger as a tool to contact you to notify you of changes to classes.  If you choose to add me as a friend, or accept a friend request from me, I am able to access personal information about you on your Facebook page.  Should you not wish me to have access to this information, then either do not accept/send a friend request, or modify your privacy settings to limit the information available. 

Zumba With Carly Website:

Should you contact me via the contact me form on this website, you will be asked to provide an email address and/or telephone number so that I can respond to your enquiries.   I will only use your information to respond to your enquiries. Emails may be filed for future reference in a secured yahoo email account, and/or text messages may be saved on my mobile phone which is also secured.  You will not be added to a mailing list unless you attend a class and complete a questionnaire in person.   The same applies if you choose to use my email address and/or telephone number to contact me directly. 

Carly Faiers, Dec 2021

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